Metal Braces for Kids, Teens & Adults 

When it comes to braces, Dr. Bernard Gorkowitz offers many options. We offer our patients in Livingston and Hasbrouck Heights metal braces as well as the newer types of braces, so you have choices. We offer low and no down payment options as well as extended financing, so it’s easy for everyone to get the braces they need.

Metal braces have been around for decades and are what many people still think of when they think of braces. However, metal braces have improved over the years! Today, the metal braces we offer adults, teens and children in Hasbrouck Heights and Livingston are smaller and not as noticeable as metal braces used to be. Another update is that today’s metal braces use body heat-activated archwires to help your teeth move more quickly and with less pain involved.

One of the main advantages of choosing metal braces is that they are more affordable than some of the newer types of braces. Metal braces can also be “customized” with colored bands -- so you can express yourself with your favorite colors.

To learn more about our metal braces and other braces options in Livingston and Hasbrouck Heights, we invite you to schedule a free consultation.